Business Development

“Business Development” is our service that our customers who have completed the installation and know that their current businesses do not perform as expected, from GoldenCrown FSDC. After a detailed feasibility study on the location, market and target audience of your investment we examine the internal and external environment of your business, report on your current situation and reveal all the failing points. We offer our corrective actions to you, plan and implement all necessary steps to achieve the goals.

  • Business Plan Renewal
  • Company, Sector, Customer and Competition Analysis
  • Developing Business Ideas, Identifying New Opportunities
  • Discovery / Feasibility
  • Menu / Product / Service Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Creating the Financial Plan
  • Planning the Installation
  • Preparation of the Organization Plan

Our customers benefiting from “Business Development” services are asked to decide whether they will renew their business after the “Discovery / Feasibility” service steps above. “Menu / Product / Service Planning” and subsequent services are carried out in line with these decisions. Renovation works deemed necessary include the current architectural situation, kitchen equipment, technical infrastructure, interior decoration, etc. “Design and Engineering” services may also be put into use if it includes the topics.