About Us

GoldenCrown FSDC provides corporate food and beverage business consulting services.

Corporate food and beverage business consultancy is intended to assist in the preparation of the business plan they need during the planing business idea, engineering services for the  construction phase and the creation and implementation of the processes they need to follow during their activities for the enterprises that will serve food and beverage services.

GoldenCrown FSDC does not sell products. It only provides consulting and design services.

GoldenCrown FSDC is undertaken the task to the formation of consciousness of Institutional Foodservice Consultancy in Turkey. With the services it provides, GoldenCrown FSDC gives information about the financial future of the business while it is in the idea stage, saves unnecessary hardware and incorrectly established operating costs and offers turn-key solutions with build-operate-transfer model. GoldenCrown FSDC prepares business plans that provides the needs of both institutional investors and individual entrepreneurs, designs the excellence, including decoration, architecture, technical and infrastructure, also prevents product and service choices from being left to the manufacturer / seller initiative at the purchasing stage, and controls supplier practices to the end. If necessary manages all commercial activities for a certain period of time and transfers them to you.

As GoldenCrown FSDC, our basic principle is to establish the enterprises that we work with the principle of sustainable profitability and to provide the highest quality products and services in the shortest time with the most economic conditions.

Today and in the future, we will continue to serve for our valuable business partners with our understanding of quality service focused on people, society and nature. Thank you for your close attention and support.



Service Branches
Gastronomy, construction, architecture, furniture and decoration, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, industrial kitchen, waste management, human resources.

Our Mission
GoldenCrown FSDC is a consulting company that plans highly efficient, economic, nature, environment and human friendly kitchens and profitable businesses with its vast experience and customer-oriented approach in the food and beverage sector and industrial kitchens.

Our Vision
Become a respectful world company which generating creative solutions beyond expectations with creating awareness of “Corporate Food and Beverage Business Counseling” in Turkey.

Quality Policy
GoldenCrown FSDC aims to provide the most accurate products and services in the most economical conditions by offering admirable designs for the customers.



Consultant | Founder

He was born in 1980 in Istanbul. He is married to Julieta, whom he calls “My Reason for Life” and has a son named Toprak.

He graduated from Akdeniz University Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Anadolu University Tourism and Hotel Management departments. Besides Turkish, he can speak English and a little Russian.

He started his career in the industrial kitchen industry while still a university student in 1999. He worked as the regional manager in the domestic and foreign representatives of the leading companies of the sector. He started Food & Beverage Management Consultancy in 2014.

He took part as consultants in more than 50 projects in Turkey and abroad (Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa) of institutional investors and individual entrepreneurs.

He founded GoldenCrown Foodservice Design Consultancy In 2018. He put into practice a business plan that everyone calls utopia, that will serve Food and Beverage Businesses from the idea stage to the first check bill and even manage all commercial activities after opening.

“I know my responsibilities towards people, society, nature and my country. Therefore, I try to manage innovation to create a balanced life and awareness.”    Ersin ALTINTAÇ

Hüseyin YILDIZ

Investment Advisor

He started his career in “the kitchen of work” while he was still a high school student in 1996. He completed his associate degree education at Uludağ University and his undergraduate education at Anadolu University and served as CFO in different sectors and companies.

Since 2008, he specialized in the design and implementation of his subjects of food production, food retailing, food and beverage sectors, franchising of multinational companies, financial affairs management, domestic foreign investment incentives, company mergers and partnership structures, financial management consultancy, establishment of company organizational structures, etc.

2015 – 20019 years, he continued his career in addition to the Management and Financial Advisory services in Turkey and the United States and providing services “Foreign Markets and Product Research” for the local and foreign companies and brandsproviding services as independently. He has been living in Boston with his wife since the beginning of 2019. He speaks Albanian, French and English.

He is the Financial Advisor of GoldenCrown Fsdc current and before its establishment.


Kitchen Coach

Born in Mengen, Bolu. He started cooking trained from the cradle. He worked in the kitchens when he found some free times during in his education years. He had the opportunity to work with 10 different chefs which leading sector in Turkey.

He took part in more than 300 television programs. He has been a consultant to many cinema films and series, kitchen and food scenes. He is preparing special training programs for amateurs and professionals and is still teaching at CITYCOOKS Culinary School, universities and institutions providing gastronomy education.

He took part in more than 400 hotels, restaurants and high capacity food and beverage production business projects since 2000. He served menus, installation and R&D consultancy for over 85 companies and EDT companies.

Nowadays, he continues to reinterpret Turkish dishes that have almost disappeared. He still organizes conferences, workshops and seminars in the fields of food culture and professional food & beverage.

He aims to start his project to introduce “Turkish Cuisine” to the whole world with the “Gastronomy Tour”.