Design and Engineering

Establishments of food and beverage are production facilities using high-capacity industrial devices. They have to comply with human health and safety procedures determined by national and local authorities for production and build their kitchens with products and equipment of certain standards. They must created infrastructure systems which planned from different professions for to work of these equipment in their kitchens. These systems are; industrial electricity, gas, steam, purified water, ventilation, heating, cooling, air conditioning, waste management, etc. covers many engineering disciplines. Kitchens should be designed in a way to facilitate the implementation of engineering disciplines, according to health and safety procedures and then to the layout that will not hinder unlike accelerate your production and organization processes.

One of the biggest factors in preferring many food and beverage businesses is its attractive concepts and their ambiances. Your customers want to feel undisturbed, safe and comfortable. Your concept and ambience are unique to you and your target audience.

As GoldenCrown FSDC, we are designing your kitchens and living areas without our target to sell products / equipment / services or unnecessary equipment. We are complying with human health and safety standards, to advantage your production and service processes, and attract your target audience. We are planning of equipment and all necessary infrastructure systems to be used in production areas as well as in customer areas and provide you as a purchase folder. If you wish, we follow the purchasing processes and help you make decisions with comparison reports. We arrange the contracts you deal with the suppliers and producers, make their progress and their final acceptance. In this way, we do not deal with suppliers separately for each engineering system, do not doubt the adequacy of the products and services they offer you and ensure that they will work in harmony with each other.

Design and Engineering services consist of the following sub-services.