Franchising Consultancy

It may be the right choice to purchase a franchise for an investment that has been tried before, has been successful, costs, returns, and guaranteed sustainability. However, today, many companies offer franchises under very different conditions. It should not be forgotten that the biggest profit of the company which offers franchise is to sell its brand to you. The fact that the monthly loyalty prices requested from you during your activities are low (usually varies between 2-5%) is actually an indication of how much they care about whether you sell.

Which of the companies that offer franchaise are more suitable for you? Is investment cost low? Which one is larger? Which ones have higher profit? Which is operationally easier? And even more important the question is should you really buy a franchaise or should you achieve the financial goals your individual business sooner if you advertise with the money to be spent for franchaise?

  • Company, Sector, Customer and Competition Analysis
  • Determination of Suitable Franchise Opportunities
  • Franchise Selection
  • Preparation of Business Plan
  • Budgeting
  • Creating the Financial Plan
  • Planning the Installation