Gastronomy Consultancy

The one of the most important purpose of your customers to coming your business is service quality. The primary purpose of a customer who wants to experience your business for the first time is to test the products you offer. The reason for the existence of a food and beverage business is to provide satisfactory products for its customer. The business may provide self-service or may not have one-to-one service relationships with its customers during the consumption of its products, such as catering establishments. The services that delivery of the products to the customers on time and under suitable conditions is one of the reasons to make you preferred. However, we all know that we do not prefer the restaurants if the product does not satisfy no matter how high quality the service is. For this reason, as GoldenCrown FSDC, we ensure that the products you offer to your customers are produced in the most economical way under the healthy and safe conditions, keeping the quality and taste at the top. We take high-level food safety precautions for your transport food services, we set up your hot / cold chains and ensure that your products reach their destination without losing their flavor. We know how you want to present them as well as the quality of your products. As GoldenCrown FSDC, we design your presentation and service details specific to your service quality.

Gastronomy Consultancy services consist of the following sub-services.