Installation and Renovation Consultancy

Establishing a food and beverage business that will work in a healthy manner to reach the planned goals is a long and hard work. Statistical studies show that 10-12% of each newly opened business is closed. However, the ratio of the companies that are successful and go to capital increase is in the range of 20-25%. On the other hand, 60-70% of the newly established enterprises are unable to grow / branch and expect the economic crisis and / or inflation to increase their operating expenses higher than their income. The disappointment of not earning as much as predicted puts their businesses into a financial burden for the investors and causes them to regret in more than half of the new established food and beverage businesses when finished of the excitement at the opening. For this reason, investors should be more concrete and realist when planning their food and beverage business initiatives, business volume, target audience, market, product, service, marketing, finance, etc. They have to be very careful about issues that affect earnings. Failure to work with professional people not only in the planning of the installation, but also in the stages of its implementation may cause problems that will be noticeable after the opening and compensated. Working with professional people in the field, while increasing the investment cost, the people who are professionals in different fields (cook, architect, engineer, purchasing officers, etc.) will be working with each other for the first time, and usually they will be involving in the establishment of a food and beverage establishment for the first time. This situation can also increase your costs and / or cause you to establish incomplete / incorrect works.

One of the ways to be followed for those who cannot reach their target profitability rates is to be included in the 10% segment and to close the business or to transfer at best. Another way to follow is to keep continue the business with the experience gained and make the business a profitable investment. It is very important to get professional help in order to achieve the goals in a short time with economic solutions and not to make mistakes in the installation.

GoldenCrown Foodservice Design Consultancy provides consultancy services for all new food and beverage business to be established or already established business which during the installation / renovation works or commercial activities.