Menu Engineering

In Turkey we have an adage. “Each valiant has a different way to eat yoghurt” Based on this distinguished adage, we can say that every chef’s cooking styles are different. Investors often leave their menu and recipe creation to the chefs. Chefs make their experiences talk and try to offer the best to show the quality of their art. But most of the time, even they cant be close anough to the products or prices that will appeal to the target audience of the business.

Menu Engineering at GoldenCrown FSDC begins with the creation of the menu. The food and beverage products to be sold are determined in accordance with your target customer group, concept and business structure and all products on your menu are prepared and presented to your confirmation. Final recipes of products are determined and cost studies are carried out during the tests of taste with you. All steps and processes necessary for the supply of raw materials, preparation and service of products are determined and recorded. Thus, the content, quality and taste of the product will not change even if you change the personnel who responsible for product preparation.

  • Creating a Menu
    • Geographic Location-Season Menu Compliance
    • Market Menu Compliance
    • Recipe, Cost Studies
  • Identification of Signature Products
  • Identifying Suppliers
  • Preparation of Production, Service Processes
  • Kitchen Menu Handbook