New Businesses

Investors often get help from cooks and / or operators to set up a new catering business. Our numerous observations and experiences have shown us that for the establishment of a successful food and beverage business under economic conditions, professional people from different disciplines should come together. Food and beverage business managers to determine the products and services of the business, experienced architects / engineers to design space, technical areas and infrastructures, to control applications, a professional team for product and service purchases, consultant chefs for product quality and taste, marketing professionals, The human resources managers who dominate the sector should work together quickly and in harmony. Undoubtedly, it is only the cooks and administrators has more experience in the sector at all times compared to the others. However, many chefs and operators are not knowledgeable about technical issues as much as engineers, which causes more time and money loss for the business to become operational. Moreover, the inability of all these disciplines to work in harmony and organization leads to deficiencies / mistakes that are noticeable and more difficult to compensate only after the opening.

As GoldenCrown Foodservice Design Consultancy, we provide consultancy services for all food and beverage businesses about the products, services and supports they will need during their installation or during their activities.

As GoldenCrown FSDC, we do not sell products. We only offer consultancy and projecting services. We designing the perfection for your business, using the latest technologies of engineering science in our projects to create the most economical businesses, planning to purchase and implement all the products and services that you will buy to establish your business. We also creating healthy, high quality and delicious menus, building your staff, giving them training and we preparing your produce and service processes. If you wish, we managing all of your marketing and business activities and transfering them to you again at the end of the periods you will determine.

Our turnkey installation services for new businesses are listed below. Adding or decreasing services can be preferred for the installation processes.