Other Services

Rent A Chef
Thanks to the “chef rental” service, which is among the services offered by GoldenCrown Foodservice Design Consultancy, the distinguished chef staff come to the place of your choice at your special invitations and prepares unique menus for you and your guests. You can also benefit from our rental chef service, which you can evaluate daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal, in your hotel, restaurant, cafe or company events. Our chefs accompany you on the blue voyage or other trips with the extraordinary menus they prepare, adding unforgettable moments full of flavor to your travels.

Rent A Chef and/or Studio Kitchen
You can request to hire a chef and kitchen for many topics such as promotion, organization, photography, catalog and advertisement shooting.

Product Launches
The shooting studio of GoldenCrown FSDC has all the equipment for any preparation and shooting that companies want to do about product promotions.

Photo Shoots And Food Styling
The experienced chefs of GoldenCrown FSDC also provides you with support for food styling by preparing eye-catching dishes for your photoshoots or menus. The shooting studio of GoldenCrown FSDC has all the necessary equipment for catalog and brochure shots of brands, magazine shots, etc.

TV Shoots
The shooting studio of GoldenCrown FSDC is also applicable for TV programs with its technology and infrastructure suitable for all performance recordings, including live broadcasts. Advertising films, internet videos and photo shoots of brands in the food and beverage industry can be done in perfect visuality with appropriate equipment and professional teams.

Birthday and Special Celebrations
Birthday, mini cooks party, baby shower etc. You can turn your special day celebrations into events in GoldenCrown FSDC’s specially designed multimedia kitchens and meeting areas.

Thematic Kitchen Events
You can organize thematic kitchen events for your team activities, launches and meetings.

Company Meetings, Team and Motivation Activities
You can carry out motivational kitchen activities and meetings for your teams in our kitchens with specially designed meeting rooms.

You can set engagement, wedding, baby shower, birthday and special invitation meals, banquet concepts by subject, and offer delicious menus to your visitors with our professional chefs and service teams.