What is a Foodservice Business?

What is a Foodservice Business? It is easy for all of us to answer the question. Many people can come up with different short definitions. We wanted to share the following article with you in order to recall academic definitions and refresh our knowledges.

Catering services can be run independently as well as within each of the sub-industries of hospitality industry. In this context, the food and beverage industry both affects and is affected by these industries. Therefore, it is important for food and beverage business managers to have knowledge of both this issue and the interrelationship between sub-branches of activity within the hospitality industry. Businesses in the hospitality industry; can be listed as accommodation, food and beverage, transportation and entertainment businesses. Food and beverage businesses, which are an important part of the hospitality industry are also one of the commercial businesses. Food and beverage businesses; They are economical, social and disciplined enterprises that accept meeting the nutritional needs of people as a profession with material, structure, technical equipment, care status, service quality of personnel, comfort and social value.

Figure 1.1 Hospitality Industry
Source: Sökmen, 2014

The food and beverage industry consists of businesses that produce goods and services in order to meet the eating and drinking needs of people in their travels or temporary stays outside their places of residence for different reasons. Food and beverage businesses are economic, social and disciplined enterprises that meet the nutritional needs of people with qualitative elements such as material structure, technical equipment, comfort and social value, care status, and service quality of personnel. Catering businesses are commercial service businesses that meet the eating and drinking needs of customers for a certain price.

The Effects of Food and Beverage Businesses on Social Life

Food and beverage establishments should be used as a social center for all kinds of meetings, ceremonies, banquets and similar activities when the place and time comes. Thus, these facilities should be a tool to help bring people together for a common purpose, to unite them, not only as a place where hunger or thirst is quenched, but also as a source of morale where spiritual regeneration is achieved.

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