Working Businesses

Establishing a food and beverage business that will work in a healthy manner to reach the planned goals is a long and hard work. Statistical studies show that 10-12% of each newly opened business has closed. However, the rate of enterprises that are successful and go to capital increase is in the range of 20-25%. On the other hand, 60-70% of the newly established enterprises are stay in balance, they unable to growing or having branches and expecting the economic crisis or inflation to increase their operating expenses higher than their income. In more than half of the newly established food and beverage businesses, the disappointment of not earning as much as predicted when the excitement at the opening ends puts their businesses into a burden and creating to regret for the investors.

One of the ways to be followed for investments that do not reach their target profitability rates is included in the 10% tranche and is to close the business or to transfer at best. Another way to follow is continue with the experience gained and try to make the business a profitable investment. It is very important to get professional help for avoid to repeat the same mistakes in establishment and in order to achieve the goals in a short time with economic solutions.

As GoldenCrown Foodservice Design Consultancy, we analyze your business, examine the internal and external environment of your business after a detailed feasibility study about your investment location, market and target audience, we report your current situation and reveal all the failing points. We offer our corrective actions, plan and implement all necessary steps to achieve the goals.

Our renewal services we provide for established businesses are listed below.